Rules 23


23.Delegation of powers and functions of the Board
The Board may delegate its powers and functions to the Welfare Commissioner in relation to the following matters subject to the conditions and limitations specified below namely-
I.Under section 7 subject to the provisions of any rule made in this behalf.

(A)to sanction expenditure within the budget grants approved by the Government.
(B)to transfer funds among the following detailed heads of account namely-
(i)Community and social education centres;
(ii)reading rooms at centres;
(iii)libraries at centres;
(iv)circulating libraries;
(v)community necessities;
(vi)games arid sports;
(vii)excursions, tours and holiday homes;
(viii)entertainment and other forms of recreations;
(ix)home industries;
(x)subsidiary occupations for women and unemployed person;
(xi)remunerative employment;
(C)to write off any loss when its value is not more than Rs. 2500/- (Rs. two thousand and five hundred only)
II.Under section 14-

(A)to appoint the necessary clerical and executive staff to carry out and supervise the activities financed from the fund, on posts, the basic salary of which is not more than Rs. 1400/- (Rupees One thousand four hundred) per month.
(B)to exercise powers of administration and taking disciplinary action against such staff as stated below:
(i)power to transfer, to sanction increment to fix pay; to grant joining time, to depute on foreign service, sanction of leave and to relax qualifications;
(ii)powers of discharging a person;
(a)on probation during the period of such probation;
(b)to appoint otherwise than under contract to hold a temporary appointment on the expiration of the period of that appointment or for any other reason;
(c)to engage under contract in accordance with the terms of his contract;
(d)to appoint otherwise than under a contract to hold a permanent appointment on the abolition of that post or pay or any other reasons;
(iii)power of imposing any of the following penalties.-
(b)withholding of increment or promotion including stoppage at an efficiency bar;
(c)reduction to a lower post or time scale or to a lower stage in a time scale;
(d)recovery from pay of the whole or part of any loss caused to the Board by negligence or breach of orders;
(g)removal from the service of the Board, which does not disqualify one from any future employment;
(h)dismissal from the service of the Board which ordinarily disqualifies from future employment;
(i)any other punishment with the approval of the Board;
Provided that every member of such staff shall have aright to appeal to the Board against any order of reduction, dismissal or removal from service, fine or any other punishment.
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