Section 7

The Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act,1953(Bombay Act XL of 1953) As Extended To The Union Territory of Delhi

7. Vesting and application of Fund

The fund shall vest in and be held and applied by the Board as Trustees subject to the provisions and for the purpose of this Act. The moneys therein shall be utilized by the Board to defray the cost of carrying out measures which may be specified by the Administrator from time to time to promote the welfare of labour and of their dependents.

Without prejudice to the generally of sub-section (1) the moneys in the Fund may be utilized by the Board to defray expenditure on the following:

community, and social education centre including reading rooms and libraries;

community necessities;
games and sports;
excursions, tours and holiday home;
entertainment and other forms of recreations;
home industries and subsidiary occupations for women and unemployed persons;
corporate activities of a social nature;
cost of administering the Act including the salaries and allowances pension, provident fund and gratuity and any other fringe benefits of the staff appointed for the purposes of the Act; and .
such other object as would in the opinion of the Administrator improve the standard of living and ameliorate the social conditions of labour;

Provided that the Fund shall not be utilised in financing any measure which the employer is required under any law for the time being in force to carry out;

Provided further that, unpaid accumulations and fines shall be paid to the Board and be expended by it under this Act not withstanding anything contained in the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 (4 of 1936), or the other law for the time being in force.
The Board may, with the approval of the Administrator, make a grant of the Fund to any employer, any local authority or any other body in aid of any activity for the welfare of labour approved by the Administrator.
If any question arises whether any particular expenditure is or is not debitable to the Fund, the matter shall be referred to the Administrator and the decision given by the Administrator shall be final.

It shall be lawful for the Board to continue any activity financed from the labour welfare fund of any establishment, if the said fund is duly transferred to the Board.

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